Why We Adore Aloe Vera

Why We Adore Aloe Vera

Nish BagaiJan 20, '19

From the succulent plant family comes aloe vera, which has been used medicinally and for a variety of other purposes for many years. The plant is best known for soothing skin and for treating sunburn. It can be use internally or as a soap, oil or cream.

There are so many uses for aloe vera, and an endless array of massage oils, hair rinses and face masks have been created from this single plant. We want to list just a few reasons why we love this plant so much.

Heart Benefits - Aloe vera has been scientifically confirmed as a heart health booster. It’s supposedly its high vitamin C content that improves your heart by boosting circulation and strengthening veins and arteries. It can also cut back the fat levels in those who suffer from high cholesterol. If you take aloe vera as a supplement, it can regulate heart rhythm, fight off angina attacks and decrease your blood pressure.

Skin Treatment - Aloe Vera is well-known as a way to treat dry, irritated or sunburnt skin. It is both soothing and cooling, and it is packed with nutrients and fibre. If you apply it to the skin in very small doses, you can cool the skin and relieve sunburn. It also works as a tonic for the skin, fighting many skin conditions.

Skincare - Besides just treating disease of the skin, aloe vera can also be used to soothe your skin and keep it looking its best. It can heal the skin over time, get rid of imperfections and protect your skin from becoming damaged. Aloe vera has been used as a skin conditioner for thousands of years, so this benefit is no surprise.

Antibacterial - Aloe vera contains cinnamic acid, sibylic acid, phenol and sulphur, which are used to fight infection. It is excellent for treating viral infections and fungus. Before you start using any skincare products or healthcare products regularly, you should consult your doctor. Aloe vera offers a ton of benefits, but you do want to be sure that it is the best chocie for you.

This versatile plant can heal in a variety of ways. It can be used as a nutritious drink or as a cream that nourishes your skin. It has so many great uses, and it can serve as a safe alternative to many conditioners, lotions and oils you may already use.

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