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Your oral hygiene is very important, and Auromere oral care products are full of benefits and worth using for your own oral care.

If you don’t take care of your teeth and gums, then they can start to decay or become infected, and you should have your orthodontist evaluate them for you if that happens. You can protect your mouth’s health by using natural products that have been proven to be safe and effective, such as Auromere products available right here at Health Tree.

Prevent Oral Decay - Using natural components, Auromere products minimize oral problems, eliminating or minimising stains and halitosis. Their product range includes toothpicks, mouthwash and herbal toothpaste.

The toothpaste Auromere Oral offers is powerful and refreshing. It comes in flavours like Mint, Liquorice and Cardamom. There are 25 different botanicals and oils used in this toothpaste, and they imbue this product with energising characteristics that you can feel cleaning your teeth. This potent toothpaste prevents cavities and soothes your gums, making your teeth look sparkling white. The ingredients include roots, bark and flowers from more than 20 different plants, giving you incredibly clean and shiny teeth. 

Auromere mouthwash comes in bottles that are easily recyclable and that are conveniently travel size. This mouthwash makes your gums stronger and gives you fresher, cleaner breath. It contains no alcohol or artificial sweeteners, and it is packed with botanical extracts. You can use this mouthwash as an antiseptic to relieve gum swelling and freshen the breath. You only need to use a single capful of the mouthwash to effectively cleanse your mouth and keep plaque and cavities at bay.

Auromere’s toothpicks, called Neem Picks, are good smoking cessation aids, but they work even better at getting rid of bacteria that collects under the gums. If you are going to maintain good oral hygiene, you should vet any products you use in your mouth to ensure that they are safe and effective and made with natural ingredients, as the Auromere products are.