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The hair care range of products from Australian Native Botanicals is gentle on your hair and is always sulphate free.

That makes it a safe choice for natural hair care, and it is used by leading hairdressers to ensure proper conditioning and cleansing. These products are reinforced with antioxidants, proteins and vitamins that come from plants for a natural and healthy look.

The results from Australian Native Botanicals are comparable to that of other leading hair care products. The water-soluble humectants these products contain give your hair a silky look, and the plant proteins improve the natural lustre of the hair and help it to retain moisture better. There are so many nutrients packed into these products that they are preferred by salons for people with damaged, frayed and unhealthy hair. Australian Native Botanicals work as natural hair restorers, giving your hair what it needs to look its best.

Natural Hair Care Derived from Australian Plant Life

From this same company’s product line, you can get shower gels, body scrubs, hand creams and body lotions. These have all be developed in close partnership with salons and spas to create a professional level hair care treatment. These products help your hair retain its natural moisture and restore its beauty in ways that chemical-based products cannot. You’ll enjoy gentle cleaning, harmonised ingredients, and moisturising effects that both feel and look good. Your scalps should have better circulation, and your skin tone should be better and more hydrated, giving you soft, supple skin.

Effective and Specialised Blends

The entire line of botanicals is made from Australian plant life and natural ingredients. Essential oils sourced from pure components and essential vitamins that boost your overall health are what make this product line so unique. Give your hair exactly what it needs with Australian Native Botanicals today.