808 Dude Organic Clear Skin Spot Free Gel 15g

808 Dude


Product Description

You only need to use a small amount of 808 Dude Spot Free Hel to clear up your skin. This powerful gel will get rid of spots and cleanse your face to give it a fresh, clean feeling. It works fast and uses essential oils and manuka honey to achieve incredible results.

Please don’t use this product if you are allergic to honey.

Brand Description

808 Dude developed by an Aussie mother who wasn't able to find right grooming products for her teenage son which weren't full of chemicals. This is an organic grooming range which is made entirely from natural products specifically designed for adolescent boys. It'll give parents peace of mind and will make young dudes confident about their clean, fresh and smooth skin! 808 Dude range consists of head-to-toe products like zit-free facial wash, Clear Skin Spot Free gel, deodorants, body wash and shampoos. The entire natural range is designed for every day usage.