Beet It Organic Carrot Juice 750ml

Beet it


Product Description

You can get your carrot nutrition with organic carrot juice and not have to munch on the actual veggie to enjoy all the natural goodness. Beet It makes a healthy drink that gives you a variety offruits and vegetables for your health. This is a subtly sweet beverage that is very healthy and that features a hint of lemon to make for a bold, pleasant flavour. You can pair it with a healthy sandwich or drink it after a strenuous gym workout for best results and refreshing nutrition.

This product is certified organic and is made without any additives or preservatives. It is not made from concentrate and is a good place to get your dietary nitrates. There may be some sediments in the bottom ofthe bottle since it is not filtered, but that also means you are getting the unfiltered, undiluted nutrition of natural fruits and veggies. This juice is pasteurised and shelf stable and will need to be refrigerated only after it is opened.

Brand Description

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