Bug-Grrr Off Jungle Strength Outdoor Spray 125ml

Bug-Grrr Off

Product Description

All natural and made using Australian sourced ingredients Bug-Grr Off is a safe and highly effective insect protection spray, designed to keep you and the whole family safe from insects like Mosquitoes. Bug-Grr Off contains a new natural extract called PMD that is known to inhibit the sensory receptors that blood sucking insects use to detect their food. Keeping you naturally free from mosquito bites this summer.

Brand Description

Camping trips can be an absolute joy to experience. You can take in the beautiful outdoors and the peacefulness of being away from city lights and sounds. You can smell the sweet earth and natural aromas that surround you. You’ll hear the noises of insects and wild animals as they sing their mating songs or call for their families.

You’ll get to enjoy quiet nights around a campfire with friends too, but what about the days after your camping trip? You probably spend those days deal with bug bites all over your body.

Experience Nature and Not Bug Bites

By having insect repellent, your outdoor excursions can be so much more enjoyable. Back before modern insect repellent was invented, many people would get lesions from bug bites, and diseases carried from mosquitoes were potentially fatal. The repellents we use today do an excellent job of keeping insect at bay, but many of them are also bad for our planet. They contain DEET, which has been used for decades as an insect repellent but has only recently been discovered to be toxic. DEET exposure has been shown to be linked to lowered cognitive abilities and changes in mood. DEET is often not present in large enough quantities to cause serious medical problems for most people, but even small amounts can have some negative effects. Non-toxic repellent is always the best way to go, since it is safer for you and for the environment. 

Natural Protection the Australian Way

Bug-Grrr Off is completely free of DEET and is made in Australia. It gives you a natural way to repel insects and uses no harmful ingredients such as manmade chemicals. The active ingredient is PMD, which comes from the eucalyptus plant that is native to Australia. This tree is excellent at repelling insects on its own, and those repellent properties have been incorporated into this product. Bug-Grrr Off also includes chamomile, aloe and cucumber, which are superb for your skin and help it to feel refreshed. The pleasant scent of this repellent makes it one that you won’t mind using on your skin, and it comes in both roll-on stick and a spray. This natural product is safe to use on children as young as one year old, and you can find it here at Health Tree every day.