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The teas, tonics, supplements and organic oils from Flora Flor Essence are all of the highest quality. These are health products that have been made using natural plants grown carefully so as to ensure their sustainability. By combining traditional knowledge with modern medical science, the manufacturers have been able to come up with organic products that are free from soy and gluten.

The range of health care items from Flora Flor Essence include fruit juices, skincare products, cosmetics, herbal tonics, nutritional supplements and more. Read on to find out about their health benefits.

The Benefits of Using Flora Flor Essence Products

Many of their products will improve your digestive system. Their Udo’s Choice Enzyme Blend is specially designed to help your body absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat. It also helps to get rid of bloatiness and gas which can occur when you eat too much or don’t chew enough.

The fresh plant juices produced by Flora Flor Essence are naturally sweet tasting juices that are made straight from the freshest ingredients. Their Salus Red Beet Crystal Juice is great for your liver and your blood pressure. It is made without the use of any preservatives or manmade additives. It is pressed quickly after harvesting to lock in the nutrients.

Their natural health and beauty care products are made without allergy-causing additives. They are gentle on your skin and great at rejuvenating your body. Their Essence Cream replenishes your skin and helps to get rid of fine lines. The appearance of age spots is greatly reduced, and your skin will begin to appear suppler and more elastic. Your tone will also improve, becoming more even. This antioxidant cream keeps your skin safe against bacteria and all sorts of pollutants.

Flora Flor Essence’s herbal tea and herbal tonics give your body the liquid calcium it needs to have strong bones. This is a nutrient that your body absorbs very easily and that can help to fight against osteoporosis and other bone deficiencies. It helps you to have a healthy bone mass.

There are even more health benefits than these to Flora Flor Essence products. Browse the entire selection here in our online store at Health Tree and find a natural solution for your problems.

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