AllerMates ALERT Wristband Nut Allergy


Product Description

Any child thatis allergic to nuts needs to be protected and properly identified. That is what this wristband can do for you and your child. The bright, colourful band notifies everyone around your child that he or she has a severe peanut allergy. It is a great way to remind caregivers and teachers about your child’s dietary needs and restrictions.

You can let your child wear this wristband all the time and feel peace of mind since it does not cause skin irritation. That’s because no harmful or potentially harmful components were used to make this wristband. Unlike competing products, there is no BPA, latex, phthalates or nickel in this wristband. It is designed to be very safe and irritant free. It also meets or exceeds all relevant regulations.

Brand Description

Brand description coming soon...