AllerMates ALERT Wristband Wheat-Gluten Free


Product Description

Any child with celiac disease or who is on a gluten free diet should be using a wristband like this. The band is clearly labelled with allergy information, and it is away to remind teachers, friends, caregivers, relatives and others about what allergy or specialised diet your child has. This helps prevent allergic reactions and unpleasant interactions with food. The bag includes a wristband thatis designed to fit kids two years old and up.

Your child can wear the band all the time, and it includes a few adjustable snaps to make it easy and comfortable to wear. The band is made without using any phthalates or BPA. It is also latex free and nickel free, so you can be at peace about any skin irritation you might have thought it would cause. This band meets all safety regulations for the United States and Europe or exceeds them.

Brand Description

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