AllerMates Allergy Alert Lunch Bag Purple


Product Description

This lunch bag is perfect for kids with allergies. The bag helps to remindyour child and any caregivers or teachersabout their allergy conditions. It is a high-quality bag that is fully insulated and that can be used anywhere. The bag is designedto be easy to clean, and it offers plenty of storage space. The lunch bag features a colourful card that displays all relevant allergy information. It can also display any contact details and other emergency informationthatmay be necessary. The clear side pocket features a card that can tell everyone what kind of medical condition your child has. The bag is made with convenient handles and no phthalates. It is fully insulated and will keep your child’s food warm or cool for a long time. It is also designed with a zippered pocket and with storage space for your child’s utensils.  The bag is food safe to use and is heat and water resistant. It’s also a breeze to clean.

Brand Description

Brand description coming soon...