AllerMates Allergy Alert Wheat-Gluten Free Lunch Bag


Product Description

You can keep your child safe and nutritionally balanced while they are on a gluten free diet. Use the AllerMates lunch bag with gluten free features. It can help remind your child and others about the allergic reactions your child is prone to and whatkind of irritantsandtriggers cause that kind of reaction. These lunch bags are high quality and are made to be fashionable so that your kidswill love them. You can easily fit one into your child’s lunch bag, book bag or knapsack.

The bag has a zippered pocket and a mesh pouch. This is a superb storage area forutensils and napkins. It also comes with interior isolation to keep your food at the right temperature for hours at a time. This product is made without using any BPA or phthalates. It is water and heat resistant and is designed to be very durable. It’s also really easy to clean.

Brand Description

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