Barnes Naturals Active Manuka Honey NPA 15+ (MGO514+) 250g Jar

Barnes Naturals

Product Description

The indigenous people who live in various parts of New Zealand and Australia have made the manuka a part of their traditional medicine practices. This tree (also known as the tea tree)is used in the widely known Manuka honey. It has some antibacterial properties and features a unique flavour. It can also help healwounds or treat burns. The methylglyoxal in this honey is antiseptic and potent. It is similar in power and effectiveness to a solution of 10% phenol. The manuka Active honey that Barnes Naturals makes is even more potent than that, and it can heal and provide protection against disease.

You can use this honey for the treatment of indigestion, burns and fungusinfections. It can also be used by veterinarians or as a topical treatment for scrapes and cuts.

Brand Description

Australian families have benefitted from Barnes Naturals for generations, and these products provide a range of health benefits and promote healthy lifestyles. The entire product line is made naturally, without the use of artificial flavours or colourings. Raw materials are used to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the key products for this company, and it is something that has been used for centuries as kind of a cure-all. It offers so many health benefits, and we want to cover some of those here for you:

Improves Digestion- If you suffer from indigestion, the apple cider vinegar can treat that for you. Just add a little honey to make it more palatable, and your stomach will thank you for it.

Ease Your Sore Throat- This product is also well known for taking care of sore throats. If you mix some vinegar with warm water or some honey, then your sore throat will be all better soon.

Improves Your Skin’s Health- You can also use it to reduce inflammation and experience relief for eczema and psoriasis. If you put it on your blemishes, then they will start to disappear.

Barnes Naturals also offers organic Australian honey that has been produced under strict conditions to ensure its quality. Honey has no known risks for people over a year old, and it offers tons of health benefits. If you want a better memory, then you can try active Jarrah honey. It is also great for treating wounds and speeding up the healing process.

Manuka honey is great for your immune system. It has all sorts of applications, including as a cosmetic, health care for the whole family, a salve in burn units in hospitals, and diabetes treatment.

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