Love Oils Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil 100ml

Love Oils


Product Description

Love Oils is owned by Free Spirit Group Pty Ltd, the small family owned business created by David and Melanie Dane, Australia s Aromatherapy pioneers - founders of Sunspirit Aromatherapy in 1975. Through their understanding and awareness of medicinal plant oils and their direct involvement in the natural health and essential oil industry over the last 40 years, David and Melanie have maintained a passion for exotic and precious oils with a desire to make sure the very best quality botanical oils are affordably available to everyone.

Love Oils Organic Black Cumin (Black Seed) Oil contains 100+ bioactives that includes thymoquinone, phytosterols and B vitamins. This oil has powerful inflammatory properties and is traditionally used to aid in digestion. Black Cumin oil is also used as a skin and hair treatment product.

Brand Description

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