Dr Stuart's Liver Detox Naturally Caffeine Free Tea 15Teabags


Product Description

Dr. Malcolm Stuart, also known as Ì_Ì_ÌÂThe Father of Modern HerbalismÌ_Ì_? has paved the way in the cultivation of organically grown plants. Dr. Stuart personally created tea blends that are extraordinary and made from the highest quality medicinal grade herbs. They are derived from the most prized part of the plant which has the highest essential oil content possible in a packaged tea and the most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial tea qualities possible.

Brand Description

The very best in herbal teas are made with natural ingredients and are entirely organic. You’ll find a wide range of great herbal tea selections with the Dr. Stuarts’ brand. At Health Tree, we sell the entire selection offered by this brand, and we offer great value for our customer by selling these at an affordable price.