AllerMates ALERT Wristband Insect Sting Allergy


Product Description

If you have a child who is allergic to bee stings and insect bites, then you should try the AllerMates wristband that repels stinging insects. It is the Bizzzy Wristband, and it can help remind your child and any caregivers your child has about their allergy. This wristband is pretty cool, and your kids should love its stylish design. It will fit children from two years and older.

You can let your child wear this band all thetime to keepyour child safe from bites and stings and to ensure that medical professionals are alerted if your child has an allergic reaction. It comes with three adjustable snaps and has no latex or nickel in its composition. This means it should not cause any skin irritation. It adheres to all safety standards, and it is made without the use of phthalates and BPA.


Brand Description

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