Missing Link Wellness Blend Dog/Cat Veg 454g

The Missing Link

Product Description

Good health starts from within!?•Œ_Missing Link?•Œ_products are formulated from whole foods and food concentrates to deliver nutrients that are bio-active, the way Mother Nature made them.?•Œ_Their proprietary, patented cold-processing method ensures the freshest delivery of precious omega 3 fatty acids in combination with a broad spectrum of natural fiber, flax lignans and phyto (plant) nutrients.?•Œ_They use ingredients that are nutrient rich to address the problems of marginal or empty calories and "missing" nutrients that often are characteristic of?•Œ_our?•Œ_companion animal?•Œ_diets. These nutrients synergistically provide support to the digestive, nervous, and immune systems, increasing their energy and vitality.

Brand Description

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