The Paleo Diet Explained

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There will always be new diets popping up from time to time. Some of them stick around and others fade faster than most people have time to get attached to them. The paleo diet, or primal diet is one that is trending in big way. It is based on the diet of what people likely ate thousands of years ago, and it seems to be one that’s sticking around for the long haul.

This diet takes us back to what our ancestors ate when they were foraging and hunting for food. Our forefathers did not know about processed or packaged foods, and they had to make everything themselves. They planted their own grains and baked their own bread. They lived out in nature and ate what grew around them. When they were hungry, they caught what they wanted and ate it. They didn’t worry about weight gain or diabetes, but we also need to remember that their lifespan was shorter than ours is today.

What Makes the Paleo Diet So Different?

The paleo way of life is one that people follow today by eating food that is sustainable and organic. They eat non-starchy veggies and consume plenty of poultry, pork, beef and lamb. They include avocados and nuts in their diet, and they only eat healthy oils, such as flaxseed, coconut and walnut.

This isn’t a diet that will be appealing to everyone, though, since there is a lot of food today that that past era never enjoyed. In order to eat paleo, we would have to cut out the legumes, dairy, grains and other foods that would not be readily available to the paleo man. Some people who follow the paleo diet will eat breads and other foods that were not a part of the ancient man’s diet, but they will eat them only occasionally. They may make them out of flour from coconuts and almonds, though, to give it a more authentic and paleo taste. They often prefer coconut flour due to its fatty acid chains and fibrous carbohydrates. Some people choose a more relaxed version of the paleo diet and consume dairy products, but may limit themselves to hard cheeses and organic dairy.

How Plant Fertilisation and Processed Food Changed Everything

We haven’t changed much genetically over thousands of years, but the way we produce food has changed dramatically. Soil has been fertilised in unnatural ways, processed foods have changed the way our bodies work and the kinds of things we put into the animals we eat is enough to turn even the strongest stomach. Our figures have deteriorated right alongside our diets.

Some people have trouble adapting to the paleo diet. They are so used to processed and sugary food that they just can’t stomach such a huge change. Others have trouble losing weight with any method they try. They are embarrassed by their excessive weight and often get depressed thinking about their situation and how difficult it is to change it. However, it is never too late to start on the paleo diet and make positive changes to your life.

The paleo diet is excellent at reducing inflammation in the body. When you eat natural foods, you are fighting sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, obesity and more. You may not find a cure in this diet, but you can definitely get some relief and some help. You will be healthier if you adopt these kinds of dietary habits.

Paleo for Athletes

If you do CrossFit or are an athlete, then the paleo diet is ideal for you. A lot of people who do CrossFit consider the paleo diet to be the best way to decrease their caloric intake and get in shape for intense exercises and an active lifestyle. By eliminating processed foods and refined carbs, athletes can improve their heart health, control diabetes, and prevent cancer. The paleo diet helps to regulate insulin levels and makes for more intense and productive workouts.

This diet also provides hormone control, and it gives the athlete’s body the kind of nutrients necessary to be successful. Athletes should eat about 200-300 calories around two hours before they go to race our workout for a long period of time. This gives them the energy they need to keep going and not feel completely wasted after a short while.

Paleo diets can help you cut out processed foods, and that can make you feel so much more energetic and be much healthier. You might be amazed at how much better you feel after trying this diet out for a short while.

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