The pH balance in your body is a measurement of how much acid or base your body has. This measures the water content of your body, including your urine and saliva, determining their acidity. If your urine or saliva has a pH of 7 or lower, then it is considered quite acidic. If the pH is over 7, then your body is at normal levels, which are called alkaline.

Fix Your pH Balance If you drink fountain water, then you are drinking water that has a pH of close to 7 since purified water shouldn’t contain any contaminants. Pollutants can cause the pH level to drop, and tap water will often have bacteria and other pollutants that we should not drink and that cause the pH balance to lower. You can’t avoid some contaminants. You’ll ingest them in some way or another, so keeping your pH level balanced can be tough to do.

Regularly Have Your Saliva Tested

You can check your own pH levels at home. Using EasypH, you can see how polluted your aqueous levels are. You might be disgusted by the thought of having pollutants like germs and bacteria in your body, but that’s simply a normal part of life for everyone. You should not stop eating or drinking or be paranoid about these activities simply because you now know that there are germs hiding in what you ingest.

You should not worry too much if your pH levels are very low. It’s not dangerous to have a low pH level. You won’t be very healthy if your pH level is low, but it won’t kill you. If you are curious as to what your level is, you can test it using the EasypH kit.

The kit is easy to use, and you can keep your pH levels in check using this simple tool. Your body won’t be seriously harmed by having a low pH level, but it is still a good idea to keep tabs on those levels. You can test your saliva in your own home, and you can use your urine as well for testing. It’s best to test first thing when you get up before you have had anything to eat or even taken a drink.

If you are on a diet and trying to keep track of your weight, then this procedure is similar. You just keep checking on your pH level to keep it in check. if you see it is going in an unfavourable direction, then you can start to do something about it, just as you would check the scale regularly to keep track of your weight. You’ll want to keep your pH around 7.3, and it is easy to find out what your level is and see how it is changing with the EasypH kit, sold right here at Health Tree.

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