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There are a number of gluten-free companies making foods these days. They are pumping out products all the time to cater to a growing market of people who are trying to combat celiac disease, deal with a gluten allergy or just live healthier. Leading the way is Leda Nutrition, and they are focused on making healthy foods and nutritious alternatives to the unhealthy snacks we tend to enjoy. Leda makes a wide range of gluten-free and dairy-free options for their consumers, including biscuits, snack bars and more. These foods are made in an environment that is completely free of gluten and dairy, ensuring there is no risk of allergen contamination. All their products use natural components that have little to no artificial content or preservatives.

 A Healthy Alternative

Leda’s products were some of the first gluten-free items to hit the market. Their snack bars, biscuits and gluten-free products have become very popular very quickly, and they are taking on the competition of unhealthy snacks by offering a very healthy alternative. One of their top products is the Slim and Natural bar. This snack bar is made without any fat or sugar, and it is a superb alternative to the snacks people commonly consume. You can have it to keep your appetite under control between meals or as part of a healthy breakfast. These snack bars come in a few different flavours, like Strawberry, Apple, Triple Berry and Cinnamon.

Leda Nutrition has introduced more products over the past few years to expand its line-up. Their chocolate biscuits have a wonderful cream filling that makes them absolutely delicious. They also offer Double Chocolate and Mint Chocolate flavours. Their cookie line has expanded to include ginger nuts, choco chips, golden crunch and coconut. Their snack bars and gluten-free products have earned them a number of awards over the years, including the “Queensland Super Product of the Year”.

No Extra Sugar and Low in Fat

The diverse line-up of products from lead Nutrition makes them a good choice for people seeking variety in their healthy foods. They have created soft bars filled with apple and blueberry goodness. Liked their other products, these are free of gluten and dairy. They contain no preservatives or oil and they come in packs of five. Leda Nutrition makes 18 different products to suit a variety of tastes and dietary needs, and you can indulge at snack or mealtime with their products without feeling guilty. Check out the entire section in our online store here at Health Tree.

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