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You can cook food in a variety of ways to make it both taste good and be good for you. You can use sauce and salsa products from Muir Glen Organic to make your food taste more interesting and yet not sacrifice the healthiness of the food. They offer a lot of spicy foods you can use to give your dishes more flavour, and they sell milder versions for those with little inclination to make their food spicy.

Tomatoes That Are Fire Roasted to Perfection

Peppers and tomatoes are used to make salsa, and you can use Muir Glen Organic tomatoes to create sauces on your own. This versatile food can be sliced, peeled, roasted or worked into your dishes in several ways. The company also sells tomato paste that is ready to use. Salsa is a great food for people who are watching their weight since it doesn’t have any fat on its own and it is good at burning calories.

There are numerous recipes that can be used to make a delicious salsa, and you can use Muir Glen Organic products to make yours sensational. Use just the right amounts of peppers, herbs and onions to create a taste that you and your family will love.

Zesty and Flavourful Sauces

Muir Glen organic makes a whole bunch of different sauces. You can use them in pasta dishes to give that food a traditional appeal or create a new flavour combination that everyone will love. What sauce to use varies depending on which pasta dish you are making, and this company carries all the different sauces you will need. You can also include additional chilis to spice up the dish.

Potato dishes can often benefit from sauces as well. You can cook potatoes into mashed potatoes, scalloped, soup, dumplings, pies and more, and salsa makes a great addition to many of these dishes. You can mix the sauce with some sour cream to craft a delicious topping for your potato dish.

Muir Glen Organic sells the best tomatoes, and you can use them in homemade pizza recipes. Grill, dice or roast your tomatoes to make them perfect for your pizza’s topping or sauce. The tomatoes also make a great addition to many seafood entrees. This brand’s sauces can be added to shrimp, whitefish and other seafood to give them some additional flavour.

Salsa and various sauces make for great additions to meatloaf, bread dishes, eggs, omelettes and poultry. You can also complete a salad with a wonderful sauce as a dressing. You don’t need to settle for unhealthy or fattening sauces for your salads anymore.

Find a full range of Muir Glen Organic sauces and salsa right here at Health Tree.

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