Health Food Trends to Know in 2017

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We have seen all sorts of change over the last year. A lot of those changes have been political, but we have also seen a lot of lifestyle changes that are continuing trends of returning to the future. This is the notion that people need to be planning ahead, not just for their own lives but for that of their families. This applies to the foods we eat as well as many other aspects of our lives, and people are more concerned than ever before about making the right choices for their future.

The food we eat and the way we care for the environment have become major points of interest moving into 2017, and there are a number of trends that will continue this movement as we make our way through the year. Let’s look at a few of them.

Cutting Back Sugar

We used to think that just limiting our fat intake was enough to have good health, but some studies over the past few years have shown that sugar is the real problem with weight gain. Refined sugar, to be more precise, is what causes most people to become obese. Sugar is getting exposed as the true diet-wrecking culprit that it is, and we expect we will hear more about it in the coming year as our culture starts to move away from sugar in an effort to be healthier.

Eat Real Foods

People are also working to eat healthier by eating natural foods more often. One of the people spearheading the real food movement is Michael Pollan, who wrote in his book entitled In Defense of Food that we should be eating food in smaller quantities and mostly subsist on plants. Pollan urged us all to eat food that was natural and unrefined, and this has become a movement for a lot of people. Anyone wanting to get in on healthy dieting in 2017 will need to take to heart the notion of eating food that isn’t processed and that comes from natural sources to reap the full benefit of nutritious food.

The Addition of Grain Bowls

Any dieter who wants to boost their fibre content is able to do so through the use of grain bowls. These are easy to make and taste great, and the new year is sure to bring some new ways to put together grain bowls. It’s really fast and simple to make and provides some powerful fibre that makes dieting far more effective and weight loss that much easier.

Meal in a Pan

Australian that are working more hours these days need simple ways to put together meals that are nutritious and delicious. Healthy meals that consist of throwing everything a single pan are making a big splash this year, and we expect them to really take off as a health food trend all year long. These are great solutions for people who have little time to spend on making complicated healthy meals and just need something fast and simple.

Urbanising Food

This concept is all about taking the little space you may have in your urban environment and transforming it into a small garden. You can use your street, backyard, and verges to make space for trees, herbs and veggies that give you natural food at your doorstep.

Herbal Elixirs and Tonics

We have been using juices in our dieting for a long time now, but since we have recently discovered how detrimental sugar can be to our diets and juices are chocked full of sugar, many people have given up juicing for tonics. These healthier alternatives have far less sugar and they come from natural sources that are chocked full of nutritional benefits. They can be used to boost energy, brain activity, immunity and more. Tonics have been used in many cultures for generations, and they are some of the hottest health food trends happening right now.

Coconut the Superfood

The term superfood gets thrown around a lot these days, but it couldn’t apply more apply to coconut. We are starting to discover a lot of great health benefits from this food, plus there are all sorts of natural beauty applications that are being derived from coconuts and coconut oil. Coconut drinks, coconut chips and tons of other products are expanding the uses for these amazing plants, and this is going to be a big year for the coconut.

Unwanted Produce

There is a lot of produce that is tossed out each year by supermarkets and groceries. They may not look very appealing and they may have some small imperfections, but they still have value, and there has been a movement to educate people on the kinds of foods that may look like they need to be thrown out but that can still be useful. People who are catching onto this trend are buying their produce at a discount, since they are paying for what shops would normally just toss out.

Cooking from Stem to Root

One of the bigger health trends recently has been to protect the environment and save on the food budget by cutting back on waste. That means eating the entire plant, from stem to root. Broccoli and parsley stems are often tossed out, but they are perfectly edible and very nutritious. This movement includes educating people about washing foods instead of peeling them to gain the benefits of eating the fibrous exterior.

Proteins from Plants

Most people get their protein from meat, but there has been a concerted movement to get away from that. People are finding healthy alternatives for protein sources from plants, such as beans, seeds, nuts and more, and we expect to see a lot more of this trend moving forward.

Intestinal Heath and Fermenting

There is a lot of correlation between intestinal health and bacteria balance, and our knowledge of the connecting has only increase over the past few years. We expect to learn even more about how they are connected and see more efforts to improve intestinal health through fermentation and bacteria balancing.


Last year, we discovered that there are some nutritional benefits to letting seeds sprout before eating them, and by soaking and fermenting them, we found that they become easier to digest and more nutritious. It’s a lot easier to find sprouting seeds in health food stores now, and everyone gets to enjoy their amazing benefits.

Beneficial Fats

Fats have started to come back into healthy dieting practices, as we recognise that there are beneficial fats. We are likely to see margarine and processed oils decline while healthy HDL fats make a comeback.

We have only covered a few of the more notable trends for 2017 in health food and nutrition, and there are plenty more to keep an eye on. There is definitely a common theme of environmental protection and personal health for this year, and that’s a trend we could all do with more of.

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