How Busy People Can Benefit from Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is what we call putting your mental focus on the present. You can use this to relax and release anxiety and stress. It can also be used to develop new abilities and skills, particularly the capability of not concerning yourself with the past or the future and living in the here and now.

Mindfulness comes from Buddhist philosophy, and it is simply about taking a few minutes of time out of your day to focus what is going on right now. You tune into the moment you live in and control your breathing. If you practice mindfulness on a regular basis, then you can become happier and more productive. There have even been studies that showed that people slept better and were less mentally stressed when they used mindfulness frequently.

If your life is a busy one, then your time is precious to you. You need to time to work, make food, socialise, and travel, and that can leave you with very little time for yourself. All of these things take our time from us and make it hard to allocate time for relaxing and meditation.

It may seem that you don’t have any time for mindfulness in your busy schedule. There is an old Zen proverb that recommends that we spend about 20 minutes as day in mediation. However, if you are too busy, it recommends that you spend an hour in medication. It is important to make time for mindfulness, relaxation and meditation in our daily lives.

Making mindfulness an important part of your day has been shown to improve your wellbeing and your health. That’s because it boosts your memory and teaches you to be more efficient. In some studies, mindfulness has been linked to producing more restful sleep, decreasing blood pressure and relieving chronic pain. It can even fight depression and other psychological problems.

There are a number of benefits to incorporating mindfulness into your daily routines. We want to share a few mindfulness practices you can use each day to live a healthier, happier life.

Set aside time each day for mindfulness

You probably don’t have time every day to allocate for long periods of meditation. What you can do instead, though, is to just give yourself a few minutes here and there to reap some of the same benefits. You can simply find a quiet place for a few moments and focus on your breathing. Think for a little while about how you are breathing. Are they short, sharp breaths or long, slow ones? Focus on the moment and make time to do this a few times throughout the day.

Use proper breathing techniques

One of the most important parts of mediation and mindfulness is breathing. You may have lots of things in your life that cause you stress- traffic, crying children, an excessive workload and others. Learning to breathe properly can help you step away from those stressful things for a moment and deal with them more effectively. You can focus on your breath to get you into the moment, and whenever you suffer disappointment or long periods of waiting, that is the perfect time to focus on your breathing. Try not to be as aware of your surroundings and instead focus on what your breathing is doing. This will help you to get where you are going in a more relaxed state.

Make mindful breathing a routine

You can use mindfulness in your daily routines. Look for opportunities to focus on the moment and the sensations you are feeling. When you wash your face in the morning, for instance, you can concentrate on how the soap feels on your skin and what the splashing of the water sounds like. The things you take for granted can become more important and interesting to you. Try to use heightened concentration or about 30 seconds at a time, taking in all the little details of what you are doing.

You can also make a habit of taking about 10 mindful breaths at a time, at different times of the day. You can do this when you are in the shower, when you are just getting up or when you are waiting somewhere. This is your time to relax, refocus and enjoy the moment you are in.

Exercise outdoors

It’s a good idea to modify your routine to include some time outdoors in nature. You may just want to spend some time walking through the bush or in a nearby park. Make sure you take time to walk slowly to give yourself a chance to breathe everything in and focus on your breathing and the beauty around you.

Make mindfulness an integral part of your day

You can perform mindfulness exercises when you are going through your common chores and tasks. When you hang up the laundry, wait at work or sit in a meeting, you can focus on the present and reenergise yourself for the remainder of the day.

Be mindful with kids

You should try to spend some time with your children and be mindful while you are with them. Make sure you are focused on what they are saying either to you or to each other. You can also teach them to live in the moment. Scientific studies conducted on the subject has shown that there is a correlation between children who incorporate mindfulness into their lives and an improved focus on what they are doing.

Be sure to keep your lessons simple and create some quite times with your kids. The results may pleasantly surprise you.

Focus on the sky

You can use the sky for mindful thought as well. Whenever you step outdoors, just take a moment to look up at the sky and relaly appreciate it. You can note what the sky looks like and then focus on it again later in the day to see how it changed. You can also focus on the sky as you walk to help you meditate more.

Making mindfulness a part of your life doesn’t mean that you have to change around your lifestyle. You can simply incorporate these technique into your daily routine while you are doing other things. Mindfulness is by no means difficult, but we do need remember to practice it.

If you are someone who practises mindfulness, then please let us know some of your suggestions below in the comment section.

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