Alka Power Natural Alkaline Water 12x600ml

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We often eat foods that are not very good for us, such as those that are highly acidic. The beans, coffee, meat, bread and soft drinks we consume on a daily basis are harming our body’s acidity levels. They can cause us to experience oxidative stress, and they can also lower our body’s natural defences against disease. People who suffer from oxidative stress are also likely to suffer from heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This occurs because they are losing alkaline from their bones and their organs. Our body will try to compensate for that loss, and that damages the body even more. By drinking alkaline water, such as Alka Power, our body can replenish its necessary nutrients and get the calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium that it needs.

Alka Power was created by Randy Park, who worked in the water treatment industry for decades. This water is safer than tap water, since it contains no sediments or dirt. It is also safer than most commercial alkaline waters, since it won’t put you at risk for kidney disease. This highly stable water is great for preventing mineral loss, and it will boost your energy levels and improve the circulation of your blood. It is also a great source of many minerals.

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