Baby Hair & Body Wash 500ml

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GAIA NATURAL BABY Baby Hair & Body Wash 500ml


Purified water, decyl glucoside (sugar), disodium cocoamphodiacetate (coconut), cocoamidopropyl (pro-vitamin B5), organic aloe vera leaf extract, oat kernel extract, lactic acid, organic chamomile extract, organic avocado oil, organic evening primrose oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E) phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxy methyl glycinate and the pure essential oils of organic lavender and organic ylang ylang (linalool – naturally occuring components of essential oils).

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Should you be using just any products on your baby’s skin? You are probably pickier than that, but did you know that many skin care products designed for babies are not actually safe for them? You want to use only the safest and gentlest products on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Mild, organic products are the best things to use since they do not contain any harmful chemicals. The Gaia Baby skincare product line provides you with just that, and it is very safe for your baby’s skin.

Organic Baby Products

Gaia’s baby bath is incredibly mild and will help your baby to have soft and supple skin. Their body wash is ideal for babies because it can get rid of milk smells and other odours and create a fresh-smelling baby. The baby shampoo from Gaia helps the baby’s hair become soft and tender. This mild shampoo cannot harm your child. The massage oil that Gaia produces allows you to give your baby a long, soothing massage. This will relieve aches and pains and help your baby to feel relief.

Gaia baby wipes are essential for infants. These soft and mild wipes prevent rashes and keep your baby’s skin clean and fresh. Their baby powder gives your child a heavenly scent that will make you want to hold your baby even more.

Protect Your Baby’s Skin

The range of products from Gaia Baby Skincare gives your baby the attention and care that it needs. These products have been specially designed for sensitive skin, and they are made with the finest ingredients. They can cleanse and moisturise your baby’s gentle skin, and they use wonderful, natural scents that are made using essential oils and no manmade components.

You’ll want to choose Gaia skincare products because they do not contain extra chemicals. They only use natural components, so no artificial fragrances, mineral oils, chemical agents, sulphates or preservatives are used in the production of these products. That makes them far less likely to cause skin irritation. They keep your baby’s skin feeling so soft, and babies love the way they feel.

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