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Parents can use natural, safe wipes for their baby to ensure that their infant is protected against the chemicals and toxins used in competing products. These natural wipes from Bambure are made with tea tree extract, aloe vera and deionised water to ensure that they are gentle on the baby’s skin. These clean effectively and gently, and they are made without using any lanolin, alcohol or perfume. All of those things can irritate your child’s skin, as can parabens and preservatives, neither of which you will find in these gentle, natural wipes.

These are purified and deionised, and that means that all chemical residue is taken from the water to keep it healthy, safe and mild. It is perfect for infants who have eczema or sensitive skin.

These wipes are also hypoallergenic and can be used on every type of skin. They smell great and offer aromatherapy benefits through the use of lavender and chamomile. They are ecofriendly and come in 80-wipe packets. They are also biodegradable and are super strong to ensure the best performance.   

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Read About Bambure Brand

Bamboo fabric is the primary ingredient for Bambure baby wipes. These offer relief to the baby’s skin and cleansing in a natural and safe way. These wipes can be used with children who have sensitive skin or eczema. They are made in a nut-free environment and use recyclable materials.

Bambure wipes are made from one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making this a very sustainable product. It is made without the use of pesticides or manmade chemicals, and it uses biodegradable components that make it safe for the environment. The tropical grass bamboo grows quickly and reaches heights of 60 feet or higher. This raw material is used to make Bambure wipes without the need for additives or preservatives that could cause a skin rash or irritation for your baby.

Here are a few facts about what is and is not inside these gentle baby wipes:

Free from alcohol- Alcohol can dry out the skin and irritate your baby’s gentle flesh. Since these baby wipes are alcohol-free, they don’t hamper the natural skin oils, which means they can be used on even babies that suffer from eczema.

Free from lanolin- A small percentage of people will have a bad reaction to lanolin, which is why Bambure decided not to include any of this product in their baby wipes.

Aloe Vera- The plant aloe vera has antibiotic properties and can heal skin quickly and naturally. It is often used to treat skin problems such as scars, burns, acne, scratches and even eczema.

Tea tree extract- People have used tea tree extract to treat athlete’s foot, rashes, blisters, acne and rankles. It is not only a powerful disinfectant but also a product with some great healing properties.

De-ionised water- The water used in these wipes goes through a strenuous filtration process that gets rid of chemicals as well as minerals that could be considered unsafe for your newborn’s delicate skin.

Glycerine- This moisturising element comes from oils and fats and provides an excellent soother and is an important part of this product.

Potassium Sorbate- This ingredient is great at getting rid of micro-bacteria.

Sodium Benzoate- This is another ingredient that is great at killing microorganisms and bacteria.

Vitamin E- It helps make this product safe for your baby’s skin.

Citric Acid- Helps to balance out the pH level of the ingredients in the wipes.

High-quality cloth- Using quality bamboo components, this cloth is more durable and yet gentler than many other brands.

Essential oils- These wipes use lavender and chamomile oil, which are very gentle for your baby’s skin.

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