Banaban Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1Ltr (Glass with Sleeve)

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Banaban’s extra virgin coconut oil is a great moisturiser and cooking oil. It is all natural and is harvested from the exotic Fijian islands. It can be used in treating dry skin, and it is a natural remedy that has been used for generations for that very purpose. This is a superb cooking oil, and you’ll want to use it in the kitchen all the time. Banaban extracts its oil only from fresh coconuts that are grown organically. It is cold pressed them to preserve the nutrition, and the oil is never bleached or refined in any way. You can pour it out on your hands and experience the lovely scent, then spread it to enjoy the way it makes your skin feel soft and smooth. Before you cook, you can add just a couple of spoonfulsof coconut oil to your baking dishes for some added flavour.



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