AUSTRALIA’S MANUKA Bioactive Honey MGO250+ – 250g

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AUSTRALI’S MANUKA Active Jellybush Honey (ULF10+) 250g


100% Pure Australian Honey

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Southeast Australia and New Zealand are where the jelly bush honey is found. This honey is packaged by Australia’s Manuka and it is made from crude material that comes directly from tea tree or manuka tree nectar.

This honey is special because it only comes from one flower, and it contains some incredible natural chemicals that give it some powerful benefits.

The Benefits of This Natural Honey – You can use this special honey in more ways than just consuming it. Since it is made completely naturally, you can use it on your skin as part of a skincare routine. This honey is used in lip analgesics, medical gels, hair care products and skincare products.

Australia’s Manuka Jellybush honey is packed with dynamic enzymes. These are enzymes which can keep bacteria at bay and improve digestion and immunity. All you need to do is take a few teaspoons of it before you eat your dinner to enjoy all sorts of health benefits, preventing heartburn and intestinal problems. This honey has also been used to help people heal faster, and it can be used to treat feed fever and other anaphylaxes. It’s a honey that is superb for your overall well-being and is used to treat colds and sore throats.

Researched and Proven – This honey has been extensively researched and shown to treat a variety of infirmities. Manuka honey has been shown to effectively relieve shallow blazes, and it is being considered for use in leg ulcer treatment in diabetic patients. The antimicrobial operator methylglyoxal is found in manuka honey, and this helps to fight against some bacteria strains that many other medicines cannot. It actively fights staph bacteria and works as an ani-toxin on all sorts of infections. Its recuperative qualities make it a formidable treatment tool and one that every Australian should have in their cupboard. In fact, it is often touted as a cure-all, but the reality is a bit different. It can’t cure everything, but it is incredibly useful and can be used in diverse ways to treat a variety of ailments. It really is a superfood and super nourishing product.

This honey can only be made in a few parts of the world, and that is a part of what gives it such unique qualities. It even has its own shade and taste that make it stand out from similar products. It is often considered superior to standard honey, and you can find this and other great healthy living products here at Health Tree.

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