Cancer Council Classic Zinc Stick White Sunscreen SPF50+ 12g

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Broad-spectrum sunscreens in a range of innovative formulations and packaging to suit every lifestyle. Protect your skin with sunscreens rated between SPF30+ and SPF50+.

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Read About Cancer Council Brand

More Australians suffer from skin cancer than just about any other form of mass suffering in the country. Cancer Council sunscreen is one of the top skin care products in Australia as a result. A lot of this island country is considered a desert climate, and the temperature can get as high as 123 Fahrenheit.

That kind of climate, along with sun tanning culture and a country of people that like to spend time outdoors, can lead to a lot of cases of skin cancer each year. This is especially true of fair-skinned people. More and more cases of skin cancer are popping up around the country, and using Cancer Council sunscreen to fight it can be an effective way to protect yourself.

Sunscreen That Is Effective on Multiple Levels

There are three different types of skin cancer- millhand melanoma, basal and squamous. Basal carcinoma is the most prevalent kind, and it can be observed at the epidermis’ base. Any part of the skin that is exposed to sunlight is at risk for developing this kind of cancer, and it can even cover your scalp, scapula and your posterior.

Tumours that occur in the epithelium are the result of squamous cell carcinomas. This is something that can spread all throughout the body and may show up in rather unlikely places.

Melanoma is the most malignant kind of skin cancer, and it can be treated only if it is discovered in its early stages. Each of these skin cancer types is caused by UVA and UVB wave exposure.

Skin treatment costs for cancer patients are on the rise, with the Australian government spending about $300 million every year. It’s no wonder then that Austria is near the top of the list of countries that use Cancer Council products the most. This sunscreen is safe for the environment and offers great protection against the harmful waves that cause skin cancer.

Great Protection for Your Kids

Australians are experiencing a national push to educate the country about the dangers of skin cancer and how it can be prevented. Skin cancer needs to be detected early and treated with effective measures if it is to be cured. The cultural practice of tanning needs to decrease as well. Australia’s SunSmart initiative is working with schools to educate students and to ensure that kids are being protected against future cases of skin cancer. Many schools actually prohibit kids from going outdoors unless they wear hats and sunscreen.

Cancer Council Austria is the foremost cancer control entity in the country. It not only sells items that protect against the sun’s harmful rays, but it also works to inform people about how to prevent skin cancer and to be safer when they go outside. They provide funding for cancer research, and they were responsible for contributions totalling $43 million in 2014 alone. This council advises Australians to use sunscreen regularly and make sure that products that protect against radiation from the sun are used every day. They are looking to change the culture and keep people safe from the harmful effects of the sun.

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