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Casalare’s innovative approach to traditional methods of pasta production brings you a product of quality and uniqueness.  Natural slow drying processes used during pasta production help to maintain the flavour, texture & nutritional values of the pasta. Casalare’s glutenfree range is an excellent substitute or alternative to traditional wheaten pasta.  Quality ingredients sourced, ensures a pasta with excellent cooking properties & taste.

Ingredients: White Rice Flour (oryza sativa), Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, Maize Flour, Vegetable Gum (405)

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Read About Casalare Brand

If you want to eat healthily and still get food that tastes great, then you may have some trouble finding decent dishes your whole family enjoys. It can be tough to keep this balance, but Casalare Specialty Pasta has made it a whole lot easier.

Many times, it is difficult to find foods that are healthy for you and that are packed with vitamins, but low in fat and sugar. Foods that taste great may not make you feel very good and could cause you to be sleepy and nauseated. You don’t need to choose between food that you enjoy and food that is good for you.

Casalare pasta is great for you and comes in gluten-free varieties so that you can eat it without all the guilt. You can eat it with a variety of sauces and pick the sides you want while ensuring that you eat food that is good for you and your family.

Lots of Pasta Varieties to Pick from The pasta company Casalare is based in Australia, and they are committed to giving you a healthy alternative to the food you are used to eating. The products they provide are all gluten-free, and that means you won’t feel bloated and sleepy after you eat them. They sell a variety of pasta types, so you should be able to find just what you want without all the guilt you get from eating unhealthy food.

This Australian brand is in demand by people who want something different from fattening pasta that is overloaded with carbohydrates. Casalare pasta can be purchased all over the world, and this company prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients without sacrificing any taste. Consumers love their products and know they are getting quality food every time.

Tasty Food That’s Good for You

Casalare products must undergo stringent production processes to ensure that they are natural and safe for consumption. The company is very good about its quality control, and they actually exceed the expectations of the industry when it comes to safety, environmental friendliness and the healthiness of their products. You can trust that you are giving your family good food when you stock up on Casalare products right here at Health Tree.

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