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Cawston Press has created a delicious cloudy Apple & Ginger juice by blending the best-tasting apples with wonderful  ginger for a refreshing drink with a little punch.

Best when chilled in the summer or for a different kind of drink, gently warm the juice in a pan and enjoy on a cold winter’s night.


  •     99% pressed apple juice with 1% ginger extract
  •     Vitamin C

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Read About Cawston Press Brand

For pressed juice that is completely natural and great for your overall health, you can’t do any better than Cawston Press. They have created a natural, organic product that uses high-quality fruit picked at its best state to ensure great taste.

Cawston Press uses only apples picked at the peak of their growth cycle and then presses them the very same day, or at least within 48 hours of picking. This ensures freshness and protects the taste of the product, giving you juices that taste incredibly fresh. The applies are taken from the tree at the best possible moment to give the final product incredible flavour. Compare that to other brands that pick fruits and then place them into a cold storage container to allow the fruit to finish ripening.

Flavourful and Nutritious

Fruit can ripen without still being on the tree it was grown on. Cold storage ensures that fruits ripen more slowly than they are supposed to. This process is used by other brands to keep the fruits fresher for longer, but this can sacrifice taste for convenience. Cawston Press does not use this method, since the company doesn’t believe it’s the best way to get the optimum flavour from their fruits. They only use freshly picked fruits that are analysed to ensure the best quality.

This allows the fruit to offer its optimum nutritional value, giving you more vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin-Packed Juice Once the juice has been pressed, then it is pasteurised and sealed in vacuum-locked containers. This seals in the freshness and flavour and gives the consumer the best-tasting juice. This also preserves the vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in these fruits. The apples are kept safe from bruising and other types of damage as well when stored in this manner. If you want pressed apple juice with all the natural flavour and nutrients, then you should buy Cawston Press juices from Health Tree. Never settle for anything that is not 100% natural or that is made with unnatural ingredients.

If you want the very best, then drink Cawston Press juices. You can taste the difference, and you’ll be reaping the health benefits for a long time to come.

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