Coconut Magic Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar with The Mother G/F 480ml

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Coconut Magic’s cider vinegar is the only coconut vinegar in the world made from pulped coconut flesh rather than coconut water. The meat is where the nutrients are: amino acids, including all nine essential ones; minerals such as potassium, copper, iron and magnesium; and vitamin C and broad-spectrum B. In fact, this vinegar actually has more nutrients than the famous apple cider vinegar – and just like high-end ACV, it’s unfiltered and unpasteurised so it still has the “mother” and its bounty of live probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and healthy cofactors. Amazingly, despite its deliciously sour taste, Coconut Magic cider vinegar has a near-neutral pH, so it’s also a perfect condiment for those avoiding high-acidity foods.

Ingredients:  Coconut Cider Vinegar

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Read About Coconut Magic Brand

Coconuts are some of the most useful plants you’ll find, offering some excellent health benefits that you may not be aware of. Some people know a few of the benefits of coconut, but brands like Coconut Magic really know how to bring out the best in them.

This company offers a few different coconut products for consumers to pick from, such as coconut nectar, coconut oil, coconut bars and coconut flour. Most people prefer coconut oil since they can use it practically anywhere- for cooking, therapeutic massages and more. Coconut nectar is often used as an energy source for people who want an alternative to coffee or who like to work out.

Naturally, Beneficial

Coconut Magic is sometimes called the title superfood, and it is something that is used in coastal areas all around the world. Coconuts are a staple in these areas, and people who consume coconut regularly tend to have few problems with excess weight or health diseases.

They often have healthy hearts and a low risk of heart attacks, making them some of the healthiest people in the world.

Coconut magic contains what are known as unsaturated chain fatty acids. These are part of a good group of cholesterol, and they don’t leave behind fatty deposits like other types of fatty acids do.

Coconut Magic is great at preventing obesity in those who use it. On top of that, it boosts your heart’s health, offers lots of dietary fibre, has very little sugar, boosts digestion and gives you some extra energy.

Improves Your Cooking and Your Skin

There are lots of coconut product manufacturers, but Coconut Magic stands out from the crowd. They do so by being certified manufacturers of quality products, and they have a reputation for organic, effective products made from the amazing coconut. They offer in-demand products like coconut nectar and coconut oil, all at competitive prices and with an eye for value and quality. They are even careful about what coconuts get used in the manufacturing process as they only want the very best for their customers. There are tons of benefits to coconut, including skincare applications and cooking, and by ensuring the quality of its products, Coconut magic allows customers to experience the greatest benefits. They don’t need to rely on artificial additives and preservatives to do it either.

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