COOMBS FAMILY FARMS Maple Syrup Grade A – 236ml

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COOMBS FAMILY FARMS Maple Syrup Grade A – 236ml

Organic Maple Syrup.


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Maple syrup can be added to all sorts of foods, and the best kind of maple syrup is natural, without any of the additives or preservatives that are often used in conventional syrups. Coombs Family Farm maple syrup Is one the healthiest and most natural options you could choose.

This small family business produces complexly natural syrup and takes pride in its products. We know you are going to love their syrup.

No Chemical Components

One of the best things about Coombs Family Farm syrup is that it uses entirely natural ingredients and processes. This is a syrup that is wholesome and delicious and yet never requires any chemicals. That means that the environment is protected, and on top of that, the company is certified by Quality Assurance International- an organization that protects forest land.

You’ll find that maple syrup can come in a few different colours, and the darkest coloured syrup is usually sweeter. The nutritional value of the syrup does not change with the colour, though.
Coombs Family Farm has been growing tasty syrup on its grounds for generations, and the company is focused on protecting the forests and its customers. They use no pesticides in the making of their products and do what they can to protect the natural habitat around them, making their syrup both delicious and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Farming

We offer a range of different Coombs Family Farm syrup products. You should have no problem finding just what you need for yourself and your family on our site here at Health Tree.

If you want the very best maple syrup, then you should give this brand a try. They produce natural syrup that is great for pancakes, waffles and many other foods. Once you give them a try, you won’t want to try anything else. Come to our website and purchase what you need at an affordable price and enjoy the best in natural maple syrup.

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