DEONAT Crystal Body Wash 250ml

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Natural non-soap cleanser
Suitable for face, body and hair
Ideal for sensitive skin
Antifungal and antibacterial
Fragrance free

ISBN: 9323292001137   SKU: DEOWASH

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Read About DEONAT Brand

The natural way to smell fresh during the winter is to use Deonat Natural Crystal deodorant. This uses no chemicals that might clog your pores up and stop you from sweating like you are supposed to. Only natural ingredients are used in this product, making it safe for practically everyone.

You won’t have to experience any of the health risks associated with most deodorants. Your body will smell better and your skin is less likely to be irritated. You won’t have to fight again the toxins that most conventional deodorants bring into your body.

Lowers Sweat Production Naturally

Ammonium Alum is one of the key ingredients in Deonat. This product is made without the use of artificial colours, preservatives or other manmade chemicals. Deonat stays very simple with their products, and that means that your body can work the way it is meant to. No harmful components are introduced to the body with this deodorant, and it uses alum crystal to naturally draw the sweat out of your skin. By decreasing your sweat production, you will not have to deal with as much bacteria as you would have if you had wet skin. That means you’ll be smelling fresh all day long and not just trying to cover up your body’s smell. You can wear the same application of Deonat without needing to use it again, all day long.

A Great Smell without the Side Effects

You’ll find that Deonat deodorant will not leave stains behind on your clothes. Other deodorants will bleach t-shirts and any other clothes they come into contact with. There is no filmy residue left behind if you use Deonat. You won’t feel gross under your arms and your pores will not be blocked. When other deodorants lock up your pores, they cause pimples and various unpleasant bumps to form. Using Deonat means that your skin will whiten where you apply it, as it gets rid of toxins and impurities in the body.

Are you looking for a safer way to smell nice all day long? Deonat is the ideal deodorant for you. It used natural ingredients to give you a clean and fresh smell that lasts all day long. Your pores will be able to breathe and you will not suffer from any of the ill effects that come from using unnatural products. Your body will be so much happier if you start using Deonat.

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