Dishwash Liquid 1L

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ECOSTORE Fragrance Free Dishwash 1L


Aqua, Sodium Coco Sulphate, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Lauramine Oxide, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Citric Acid, Ammonium Chloride

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Read About ECOSTORE Brand

Natural cleaning products from Ecostore can be used to clean domestic and commercial spaces. They also sell bath care products, such as body wash and hand washes.

Their product inventory includes dishwashing liquids, bathroom cleaners, dishwashing tablets, shower cleaning supplies and more.

Let’s look at a few of their more notable products:

Dishwashing Tablets- These clean your dishes flawlessly while ensuring that there is no chemical residue left behind. The plant and mineral components in these cleaners are great at removing stains, and they help to eliminate streaking and limescale in the dishwashing machine. You never have to touch the actual tablets, as they come fully wrapped, and that wrapping will safely dissolve in the dishwasher.

Bathroom and Shower Cleaner- The natural Ecostore product gets rid of bacteria and effectively cleans the bathroom. It fights through soap scum using citric acid and D-limonene. The same cleaner gets rid of staphylococcus, e-Coli and salmonella. You can also use it on hard water spots for a spotlessly clean shower.

Body Wash- Ecostore also sells luxurious body wash products. These are made from essential oils that have been certified as completely organic. There are no artificial dyes or sodium laurel sulphate in this wash. You also won’t find any perfumes or preservatives, and it is safe for people who have sensitive skin.

Cleansing Cream- The cream cleanser from Ecostore is ideal for cleaning stainless steel components, tiled surfaces, laminate, basins and more. It gets rid of soap scum, grease and other unsightly residues, and you can purchase it in a lemon scent or a scentless version.

Hand Wash- The specially formulated hand wash from Ecostore is incredibly gentle on your skin. It nourishes and conditions your skin, and it helps your hands to retain their natural oils. That leaves your hands feeling so smooth and soft every time you use the soap. The hand wash moisturiser is made from wheat germ oil and wheat protein.

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