Double D Sugar Free Choc O Drops 70g

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Looking for the perfect sweet treat? Now you can enjoy Double ‘D’ Choco Drops anytime when you want to indulge in a guilty pleasure. These lollies are naturally sweetened with Isomalt (from Sugar Beet) and Stevia and make the perfect sugar alternative for health conscious people.

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Read About Double D Brand

The Australian-owned Double D Confectionery has been operating since 1920. They produce a large selection of semi-medicated candies and sugar-free confections. They use complexly Australian recipes and use ingredients like natural honey, Australian oils and eucalyptus tree parts.

No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used in their food, which is going to comfort the healthy-minded among our customers. In place of the artificial, they use a natural sweetener known as stevia. This offers all sorts of health benefits, and it is not something that is produced in a lab. Instead, it comes from the stevia plant, and no artificial flavours are added to it. This is a natural sugar with a clean, healthy taste. It won’t give you any unpleasant aftertaste.

The Benefits of Sugar-Free Stevia offers so many health benefits, such as the zero-calorie content that is great for weight loss. It is also way sweeter than any conventional sugar you could use. Stevia can be used to lower blood sugar and blood pressure, which is ideal for those who have diabetes or other blood sugar and blood pressure diseases. It is great for cardiovascular health and will not harm your teeth. That’s because there are no artificial sugars in it, and you can give them to young children and not have to worry about them causing damage to their teeth. The antibacterial characteristics of this natural sugar make it superb at fighting bacterial growth. It’s a boon to your oral health, and it also fights against osteoporosis by contributing calcium to your diet. Eating food with stevia instead of artificial sugar will be great for your bone and teeth health.

If you are looking to live a healthy life, the Double D Confectionaries have some great snacks for you. People who experience diabetes may have little hope of living a normal life outside of sugar-free options like this. You can enjoy healthy candies that won’t hurt your blood pressure or blood sugar levels and not sacrifice taste or quality.

Incredible Taste

There are lots of flavours in the Double D Confectionaries product line. No matter what your preferences are, there is an option that you will like from the line of Double D Confectionaries. Their flavours include lemon and lime, summer mint, eucalyptus, mint chews, butter, fruit drops and more.

You can find the entire selection of Double D Confectionaries foods here at Health Tree in our online store.

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