Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Naturally Caffeine Free Tea 15Teabags

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Feel light and fresh with Dr Stuart’s Liver Detox Naturally Caffeine Free Tea. Give your liver that tender loving care, with herbs full of essential oils and active botanicals to help cleanse and rejuvenate the liver. Made from only the freshest ingredients, this is the perfect tea blend for all occasions.

Ingredients: Peppermint, Dandelion Root (23%), Liquorice Root, Chamomile, Centaury Herb (7%), Boldo Leaves, Couchgrass Root, Restharrow Root, Milk Thistle (5%)

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Read About DR STUARTS Brand

The very best in herbal teas are made with natural ingredients and are entirely organic. You’ll find a wide range of great herbal tea selections with the Dr Stuart’s brand. At Health Tree, we sell the entire selection offered by this brand, and we offer great value for our customers by selling these at an affordable price.

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