ECOBUD Gentoo Plastic Water Filter Jug Aqua & White – 1.5L

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ECOBUD Gentoo Plastic Water Filter Jug Aqua & White – 1.5L


Read About ECOBUD Brand

Tap water can appear clean but secretly be hiding plenty of impurities. You might notice the impurities when you taste or smell the water, and if your water doesn’t seem quite normal, then you should be careful about drinking it. Ecobud offers a filtration system that cleans and vitalises your water.

That makes your water much better for you, and the environmentally friendly filtering components in Ecobud are simple to work with. You can easily cleanse all the water you and your family use for drinking or cooking.

Use Ecobud to Get Rod of Chemicals

Using this product, you will be able to remove numerous pollutants, such as harmful chemicals and bacteria. Your water should taste better as well. You can use one of several filters to clean out your water.

The cumulus shower filter can be attached to your shower head, giving you water that is clean and pure. It gets rid of chlorine in the water as well as pollutants, bacteria and germs. It can even kill much of the odours and fungi hiding in your water.

The Gentoo Life Water Jug Blue from Ecobud can be used on your fridge’s water supply. You can filter the water for a better taste and ensure that you never have to boil water to make it sanitary. This filter comes with a jug for carrying the water.

Another filtering system from Ecobud is the Little Penguin. It includes a drinking bottle that has a filter installed at the mouth. That filters water as you drink it, and it is something you can take with you anywhere- on a camping trip, to school, to the gym or to your work. It comes in a few different colours.

Ecobud’s alkaline water filter provides four stages of filtration for your water. That produces some great-tasting water, and this process gets rid of bacteria, fluoride, chlorine and other pollutants. You’ll need to change this filter out every other month or so to keep enjoying pure, hygienic water.

Ecobud offers other filtration systems as well, and you can choose from the range of filtration products right here at Health Tree. You can find a filtration system that fits your needs and your budget and not be concerned about drinking contaminated water anymore.

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