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enviroCare’s chlorine- and phosphate-free formula gets fruits and vegetables clean without harming them or those who’ll eat them. Just a few drops of this ultra-concentrated cleanser in a sink of water will thoroughly and easily rinse away dirt, manure, chemical fertilisers, waxes, herbicides and pesticides. It’s complete cleaning for organic and conventional produce alike, and it even helps fruit & veg stay fresh – just pat dry and store as you normally would, preferably inside a brown paper bag.

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Environmentally friendly products are far more prevalent than they used to be a few years ago, and one of the leaders in this push to have more products and more companies serving customers with eco-friendly options is EnviroCare Earth.

They sell cleaning agents that are free from toxins and other contaminants that are common in most cleaning supplies but are harmful to the earth. They also offer laundry items, personal care products and pet care selections.

They sell dishwashing products, specialised detergents, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners and much more. Their environmentally friendly Delicate and Wool laundry wash is safe for cleaning your most delicate clothing. You could wash baby clothes, synthetic fabrics and natural fabrics all with this same detergent. It can be used in either washing machines or for handwashing.

Cleansers That Are Soft on Your Skin

The personal care products from EnviroCare Earth are safe for anyone to use. They incorporate natural components that reduce the possibility of side effects and make the products more suitable for those with sensitive skin and health issues. Their hair conditioners, sanitisers, bath soaps and moisturisers are gentle on your skin since they don’t use any manmade chemicals. This liquid cleanser can take the place of shampoo and soap, and it leaves behind no soapy scum in your bathroom. It’s gentle and safe enough to even be used on children.

The Sensitive Body and Hair Cleanser from EnviroCare Earth is made for those who have sensitivity issues. It has no fragrance, which makes it perfect for people with allergies. It will not irritate your skin or your scalp, and it can be used on skin with just about any condition, including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Allergy Washes and More

EnviroCare Earth offers pet cleaning products as well. Pets can be sensitive to the ingredients in the cleaning products you use on them. It’s important to use clean and safe cleaning agents on your pets to ensure their safety and comfort. If you don’t clean your pet, then they may track their dirt inside and pass on their germs and bacteria to you as well. Coat washes, allergy washes and conditioners help you to keep your pet looking clean. The mild formulas used in these products will not harm your pet’s supply of natural oils, nor will it cause an allergic reaction. You can use these products safely even on pets who have irritated skin.

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When you shop with us at Health Tree, you’ll find a selection of natural products that are safe for the environment. The cleaning products you use around your house do not have to be filled with manmade chemicals and toxins that irritate your body and cause a negative environmental impact. When you use EnviroClean products to clean and beautify your home, you can protect the environment and safeguard your health. Check out their entire line-up here in our online store.


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