EUCOCLEAN Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Instant – Hospital Strength – 5L

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EUCOCLEAN Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Instant – Hospital Strength – 5L

Organic Quaternary Salt Compounds (BZK), Tylose, Glycerine, Water.



Read About EUCOCLEAN Brand

If you are not careful, then you will contract diseases that stem from the numerous bacteria all around you. You need to keep clean surfaces and make sure germs are eliminated. For effective cleaning, you can use EucoClean’s anti-bacterial cleansing agents. These products are made with natural components that ensure they are safe to use anywhere and around anybody. They do more than just clean surfaces and kill germs. They also preserve the environment.

EucoClean’s anti-bacterial cleaners are made from natural ingredients like essential oils. They also contain essential enzymes from the eucalyptus plant, and it is a product that is designed to be very safe for the environment. When this product was first manufactured, it was used to get rid of ink marks and stamps on bank teller machines, so it is great at cleaning surfaces and getting rid of even stubborn stains and grime. The fragrance it leaves behind is very pleasant and not at all like the toxic fumes most modern cleaners leave behind.

Gets Rid of Bacteria and Pests

Toxic bleach can be very harsh, and this cleaner is a great alternative that actually works much more effectively. It creates no harmful side effects, and it is safe for you to use anywhere you like. The natural disinfectants in these products mean that they kill bacteria efficiently. You can use them to keep bugs of all kinds away, and they kill pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, ants and lice. It’s obvious why these cleaners are so popular.

The EucoClean formula is one that was originally discovered by Sean Borg, the owner of a cleaning business in Queensland. His initial formula took the Eucalyptus oils and mixed them with anti-bacterial enzymes. This combination resulted in a very powerful cleaner that could disinfect while cutting through grease and other accumulation. The same cleaner was able to kill germs and bugs.

Keep the Environment Cleaner

EucoClean products are so safe that they are used in daycares and schools. They can help kids avoid diseases and illnesses of all kinds. It gives kids powerful protection against all kinds of bacteria. EucoClean products are made from the very best materials, and they sell very well. That’s because it is so safe and yet so effective, and you can find these great products right here at Health Tree.

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