Eureka Oils Tea Tree Oil 20% x 100ml

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Eureka Oils

Eureka Oils is a range of high-quality, natural, and competitively priced essential oils. Manufactured and produced in Ballina New South Wales Eureka Oils are TGA certified.

    • Relieves symptoms of common colds and coughs.
    • An antiseptic for minor cuts, abrasion, bites, and stings.
    • Help treat pimples, acne, and even ringworm, tinea, and other fungal infections.
    • Can be used at home as a cleaning agent.


Personal care:

Apply full strength as an antiseptic for minor cuts and abrasions and to relieve symptoms of acne, up to three times a day. To relieve coughs, mild upper respiratory tract congestion, and symptoms of common cold add 5 ml (1 capful) to 500 mL of hot water and inhale the steam.

Household care:

Dilute 1:5 with boiled water to clean areas around the home.

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