EVER ECO Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle Marigold – 1L

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EVER ECO Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle Marigold – 1L


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Straws are fun for any age, but using plastic straws can be unsanitary. Instead, you can use stainless steel Ever Eco drinking straws. These are much safer for you and will prevent you from having to buy plastic straws again and again.

The Ever Eco straw is made without BPA, and it is a straw you can reuse and wash. It is compact and phthalate free. These are non-toxic straws that are environmentally friendly, and with all those benefits there is no need to ever use a plastic straw.

Reusable Straws

Stainless steel straws are not very expensive. Their four-pack costs less than $15 and all the straws are reusable. That is going to save you money after a while- money that you normally would spend buying packs of plastic straws. The four stainless steel reusable straws will last you a while.

You might have concerns about kids in your house breaking the straws, but these are incredibly hardy straws that can stand up to just about anything. Little kids won’t be able to break them.

The steel is very safe, and Ever Eco uses food grain stainless steel that is perfectly safe to put in your mouth or to stick in your beverages. Why waste so much money on straws you through away after every use? You can save money and keep reusing these straws repeatedly.

Straws That Are Safe for the Environment

When you buy our straws, you won’t have any need to buy other types of straws anymore. You can check out our online store and see the Ever Eco straw products we offer and how affordable these straws are. These are products that won’t be tossed into the environment as waste. They are safer for your children and for the Earth, and they are a good investment. Stop throwing away straws and money and give these stainless steel straws a chance.

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