EXTRAORDINARY FOODS Pimp My Salad Seaweed Superfood Sprinkles – 110g

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EXTRAORDINARY FOODS Pimp My Salad Sea Sprinkles – 110g


Organic Tasmanian wakame, organic Tasmanian kelp, organic Canadian dulse, organic spirulina, Australia raw activated and sprouted sunflower seeds, gluten free wasabi (horseradish powder), organic Tamari (filtered water, organic soybeans, sea salt), plum Vinegar (ume juice, water, sea salt), Himalayan pink salt.

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The nutritional snacks produced by Extra Ordinary Foods are items that parents and kids will both love. Kids adore the crunchy, tasty treats, while parents love the healthy vegan recipes that provide kids with nutrients their growing bodies need. These popular snacks are ones people eat whether they are vegan or not, simply because they are so delicious.

The kale and other healthy ingredients offer all sorts of benefits, and these are great snacks for improving the health of your mind and your body.

Great Flavour and Packed with Nutrition

Kale chips are bursting with flavour. These from Extra Ordinary Foods come in a few different flavours, and no animal products are used to make them. You can enjoy the snacks without all the guilt, and they are delicious whether you eat them plain or sprinkle them onto your salad or other food. They are something you are going to want to take with you everywhere, and since they come in a few different variations, that is simple to do.

These are snacks that are not baked or fried. They are dehydrated naturally for a pleasantly crunchy snack that is made without oil. They are incredibly healthy and yet also very tasty. These are snacks that are very good for you, providing a lot more health benefits than you can get from conventional chips. The kale versions offer nutritional benefits that are not sapped by oil or frying.

A Food Everyone Will Love The kale chips and other snacks from Extra Ordinary Foods are made for everyone. It’s not just vegans who love them. Even meat lovers can enjoy these healthy snacks, and the different flavours are sure to give you a favourite option to take with you. These use cashew cheese and a variety of spices to enhance their flavour and create an appealing taste. Your tastebuds will get very excited and be begging for more. There is a reason that kale chips are so popular right now, and you should try this nutritious version and find out why for yourself.

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