Global Organics Coconut Flour 500g

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Global organics is a range of premium organic food products. The Global Organics range is sourced worldwide to bring you quality innovative products for everyday use. The Global Organics range includes peeled, chopped and puree Tomatoes, canned Pulses and Beans, Canadian Maple Syrups, and an exciting range of 2-Step Gourmet meal bases

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Read About Global Organics Brand

High-quality organic foods made from premium ingredients are what make Global Organics stand out. They ship in their tomatoes from Italy, and their olives and pesto are sourced in the Mediterranean. They use high-quality French mustard and maple syrup straight from Canada to ensure that their products are authentic and made with the finest ingredients.

Benefits of Global organics Products

By using their products, you can enjoy several health benefits. For instance, you can lower your cholesterol using French mustard from this brand. It has been known to treat cancer cells, as the phytochemicals in the mustard prevent the spread of tumour cells and keep new cancer cells from growing.

It also lowers your cholesterol using Vitamin B, which is great for your body’s overall cholesterol. It can keep your arteries free and clear of blockage, and it fights off harmful accumulations of plaque in the arteries. This allows it to boost blood flow and keep your body protected from the dangers of hypertension.

You can use mustard to fight skin disease as well, and the sulphur it contains has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. This helps preserve your body from all sorts of surface infections.

Mustard benefits your hair as well, promoting healthy growth because of the Vitamin A you’ll find in it. This stimulates your hair and keeps your hair from breaking and fraying so often.

Global Organics makes natural maple syrup too, which is used in a variety of their products. These have some health benefits you should know about too, such as boosting digestion with its manganese content. It also repairs damage and enables your muscles to recover faster. This same nutrient lowers your blood sugar levels and produces bones that are healthy and strong.

All Sorts of Nutritious Foods

Global Organics also offers a few bean varieties. Their baked black beans are packed with fibre and are made completely naturally. These nutritional foods are great for producing energy, and you can add them to stews or soups for some extra protein and fibre.

They also offer cannellini beans that are almost completely fat-free. This organic bean is made without any chemicals or artificial preservatives or flavourings. Global Organics also makes whole grain organic mustard, mixed bean salad and tomato paste.

To find out more about what great products this company makes and the benefits they can offer, check out our full selection of Global Organics products on this page.

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