Gourmet Organic Cajun Blend 25g Sachet x 1

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A sweet and spicy mix of aromatic herbs, blended to bring the flavours of Cajun cooking to your kitchen. Gourmet Organic choose only the finest herbs and spices for their blends, refusing to add any fillers, colours, flavours or preservatives into the mix. Use your Cajun Blend anywhere your tastebuds crave a little sweet and savoury heat. Unsure where to start? You can’t go wrong sprinkling a little Cajun over chicken, fish, beef or vegetables and grilling them on the barbecue for a savoury taste that’s uniquely Southern, or try creating a traditional cajun-style dish, like gumbo or jambalaya. 

Ingredients: Sweet Paprika, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Celery Seed, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic Powder, Nutmeg, Basil & Thyme.

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Read About Gourmet Organic Herbs Brand

You can season your foods with healthy, organic products, and you don’t need to settle for seasonings that are packed with additives, preservatives or unhealthy substances. Gourmet Organic Herbs give you the opportunity to flavour your food in a healthy way.

This company provides herbs to a variety of other companies. They only use herbs that have been grown in a sustainable environment. That means they don’t use any manmade chemicals to treat the plants as they grow, nor do they use anything to boost growth. They pick the herbs at the peak of their growth and use the whole herb. They dry it and ensure that all the oils and natural flavours are preserved. You will notice a difference when you taste these, as compared to other kinds of herbs.

A Powerful Taste You Will Love

You can season your food with the natural flavour of these herbs and enjoy a much more flavourful experience when you eat. These herbs enhance your food’s flavour. They bring out the best in your food and make it so much more appealing.

The flavourings and salt you buy at the store can often have additives and artificial flavouring that may make them taste good but that is ultimately not good for you. They are also packed with preservatives that water down the flavour and limit the nutritional value of the products simply to make them last longer on the shelf. Gourmet Organic Herbs are not made that way, though. They contain the herb and no additional ingredients.

You get authentic flavour without all the additives. These are herbs that are picked the same day you order them. That gives you the freshest and most potent flavour from a source that you can trust.

High-Quality Herbs

You can decide what organic herbs you want when you order from us. We have tons of different flavours to add to the package to give you exactly the flavours you are going for. If you are searching for high-quality herbs, give these from Gourmet Organic Herbs a try. You won’t regret your purchase, because these are the highest quality herbs at a competitive price, and they taste amazing.

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