Hotteeze Hand Warmers (10 Pads per pack)

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Hotteeze are specially designed to fit anywhere you have clothing. and are made from all natural and eco-friendly ingredients, including iron, vermiculite and water. Once the packet is opened, the fillings inside the pad react with oxygen in the air to create heat- no wires or microwave required!

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Read About Hotteeze Heat Pads Brand

Hotteeze heating pads may not be something that most people are familiar with, but they are one of the best ways to treat back pain and menstrual cramps. If your muscles are feeling sore or tired, then heating pads can effectively treat them, giving you quick relief. Just make sure you use the right kind of heating pad, as there are many varieties and some heating pad products are of such low quality as to not be worth your money. Hotteeze pads are made using very strict standards of quality to ensure that they work well for every customer.

Heat Offers a Healing Power

You will likely experience cramps or muscle pain at some time, but there is no need to suffer from this problem and experience discomfort. Heat is the best way to treat sore muscles, and heating pads you can buy from most retailers require that you plug them in to use them. Those perform okay, but do they offer any additional benefits?

Using Hotteeze pads ensures that your muscles feel better fast and that you don’t damage the environment. Inside of these pads is potassium chloride, which is a substance that conditions soil. If people used this kind of heating pad, then that would help to reduce waste in the environment. The outside of the Hotteeze pad is made from combustible materials. They do not release any toxic chemicals into the environment when decomposing or burning, and they are incredibly environmentally friendly pads. They are gentle on your skin as well, making them great for people with skin problems or sensitivity issues.

Get Rid of Inflammation Fast

If you use Hotteeze pads correctly, you can experience muscle relief for up to 12 hours a day. Just open up the pad and allow it to be exposed to the air. It is ready for use in a matter of minutes. You can get hours of muscle relief with only a few minutes of preparation. How great is that? Try these out to enjoy the comfort that lasts all day long.

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