Human Bean Co Lightly Salted Faba Beans G/F 150g

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Human Beans Co

Born from the earth on our farm in Queensland. Our beans are grown under the stunning Australian sun. We are passioniate about sustainable farming, from crop rotation to GMO free seeds. Nurturing our land benefits not only our sensitive eco-system but also provides us with better food. We carefully sow, grow, harvest. That’s what we believe in.


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There are tons of wholesome, tasty ingredients in Human beans Co. products. These give you energy and provide the fibre you need each day to feel your best. They are great snacks to have at any time, and their low-fat, low-calorie content ensures they don’t interfere with your weight loss goals. In fact, these tasty snacks can help you to lose weight, as they are filling, nutritious and beneficial to weight loss efforts. Find these and other great organic products here at Health Tree.

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