Island Tribe SPF 15 Moisturising Lip Balm 4.8g

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Loved by Surfers and Water sports enthusiasts the world over, this Clear gel waterproof sun protection range provides excellent UVA and UVB protection.

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Read About Island Tribe Brand

It can be difficult to pick the right skincare products to use from all the choices that are out there. You can pick from lip balm, sunscreen, sun lotion and more that all say they will help you stay protected from the harmful rays of the sun. One company is making products that don’t just claim to protect you but that actually do keep you safer. This is Island Tribe, and they have years of experience backing the products that make them the clear choice for safety-conscious consumers.

Island Tribe’s proprietary lip balm can help fight dryness and irritation in the lips. It moisturises very effectively and actually protects your lips against sunburn, which is more than most lip balms can claim to do.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Your lips are an important part of your body that need protection in a different way than the rest of your body when it comes to the sun’s rays. Having this product on you can be a great way to keep your lips safe and to make sure you can be exposed to the sun without suffering any negative effects. You’ll want to take it anywhere you go when you travel outside of your house.

Sun lotion from Island Tribe is a great tool for keeping our skin safe from solar radiation. It is made without aerosols, and it is very safe for your skin. Not just that, but it is also excellent at protecting your skin from the elements. You can use it on your kids and on adults with equally safe and effective results. It is packed with antioxidants that help to fight against disease and keep you safe in more ways than other sun lotions provide.

Waterproof Formulas Keep You Clean

The lotion contains Vitamin E, which is very powerful protection again the sun’s rays. You can wear it all day at the beach and enjoy superior protection and comfort. It contains no fragrances, and it is certified by dermatologists to combat dryness and skin irritation.

The sunscreen that the island tribe makes is similar to their lotion. It gives you powerful protection as you enjoy the sun. You should be able to go to the beach or just out for a walk without fearing that you will be sunburned, and these products allow you to do that in a safe manner. Try the full range of Island Tribe products to enjoy safe and natural solutions for sunburning.

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