GOLD MINE Kelp Noodles Original – 454g

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GOLD MINE Raw Kelp Noodles – 454g


Water, kelp, sodium alginate.

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Read About GOLD MINE Brand

More and more people are trying to live organic, pure lifestyles where they watch the things they put on their bodies and in their bodies. As lifestyle diseases increases, this kind of behaviour is to be expected. If you are one of those people who is looking for good nutrition and healthy foods, then try the products from Gold Mine.

Their Sushi Nori is a top-notch food that can be turned into some very simple and delicious recipes.

You can use sushi nori for making vegetable rolls, raw sushi, food wraps and other low-fat, nutrition-rich dishes. You can also crumble sushi nori on your salads or mix them into dressings. It’s superb finger food and easy addition to any wrap. You may want to try it in many of the dishes you regularly enjoy.

Sushi Nori Recipes

You can buy sushi nori from Gold Mine here at Health Tree. It is available in toasted sheets and raw sheets. These can both be used for making wraps. You can turn these into a healthy snack by adding cooked rice to a nori sheet. Add in some pickles and other veggies and roll this all up. This wrap just needs to cook for 20 minutes to make light, sticky rice. This nutritious snack is packed with minerals and vitamins and is very healthy.

Sushi Nori Is Packed with Nutrition

There are a few calories in Gold Mine’s sushi nori sheets. They have a lot of protein, minerals and vitamins and contain no common allergens. Their carbohydrate count is very low as well.

Sushi is an organic Japanese creation, and it is also gluten-free, kosher, vegan and macrobiotic. These sushi nori sheets are dark and glossy and can add a dash of colour to your soups, vegetable dishes and sushi. Try it as a snack or as part of a meal.

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