Maple Syrup 946ml

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ADIRONDACK Grade A Maple Syrup 946ml


100% Maple Syrup

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Read About ADIRONDACK Brand

One of nature’s greatest gifts is Adirondack Maple Syrup. This is a food packed with so much goodness and yet it is also so tasty.

You can enjoy a wealth of featural minerals and vitamins from this syrup, including magnesium, calcium and zinc, and all the health benefits these ingredients provide.

Maple Syrup Health Benefits – There are more than 54 components in every bottle of Adirondack maple syrup, and each one of them is good for your health. Maple syrup is packed with anti-ageing components known as antioxidants which help you live longer and feel younger. This syrup also fights against the free radicals in your body that cause ageing effects. It contains magnesium and zinc, which are great for your immune system. If you use Adirondack maple syrup in your diet regularly, you can enjoy numerous health benefits and fight back against a variety of diseases. This syrup provides daily recommended doses of important nutrients that lead to a fuller and longer life.

Organic Syrup – In order to enjoy the numerous health benefits of maple syrup, you need to make sure it is organic, and this syrup from Adirondack is only made with natural components. It is as pure as maple syrup can be, and it is something you can use regularly on your toast, pancakes, cereal and ice cream. You can make all sorts of dishes using pure maple syrup, and it works as a great natural sweetener that is a healthy substitute for manmade sweeteners.

There are no additives or manmade chemicals in this syrup, making it a healthy and great-tasting product your entire family will live. Find it right here at Health Tree at our everyday competitive prices.

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