Mediterran. Veggie Cream 100g

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BIOLOGIKA Mediterranean Bliss Veggie Cream 100g


Purified water, organic aloe vera extract, organic olive, oil, glycerol monostearate, organic vegetable glycerin, organic shea butter, organic soy lecithin, sweet almond oil, boidynamic macadamia oil, byiodynamic avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, cucumber&carrot oils, corn oil, tomato seed oil, hazelnut oil, xantham gum, jasmine infused pure essential oil, vanilla absolute oil, organic mandarin red oil, ylang ylang & lime essential oils, fig extract, potassium sorbate, olive leaf extract, natural vitamin E.

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Read About BIOLOGIKA Brand

You can find a wide variety of natural and organic products that are healthy for you and good for the environment.

Many of the common items you use around the house, like deodorants and soaps, come in natural and organic forms that are safer for you since they don’t use potentially dangerous manmade chemicals. Australian Biologika is a company that specialises in natural, organic products- all made from natural components.

Using their products, you can boost your health and cut down your carbon footprint. Take their deodorants, for example, which are aluminium free and fully organic.

Made Sustainably – Australian Biologika products are made with a patented blend of essential oils and natural herbs. They used bush flowers and bush fruits to create powerful products that kill unpleasant body odours. Many of the body odours we have are caused by bacteria, and these can be eradicated with natural products. The earth-made ingredients in Australian Biologika are designed to be high quality and very effective. They use herbal ingredients and palm kernel alcohol, bicarb soda, lime, grapefruit extract, organic jojoba oil and more. The company makes both deodorants and soaps.

They make some of the best lavender soaps around, and these are relaxing soaps that are blended with natural oils and fruit extracts to create a powerful and calming soap that is tough on bacteria.

A Luxurious, Creamy Feel for Your Skin – The oils used in Australian Biologika soaps are completely organic and can work in a variety of conditions. The flowers used in this soap come from farms where no artificial fertilisers were used. No manmade pesticides or fungicides were used either, and instead, the soaps are grown naturally. They are made from safflower oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, lavender essential oil, lavender flowers, macadamia nut oil and palm oil, among others.

These natural ingredients combine to make soaps that smell great and do an excellent job of killing bacteria and cleansing the body. If you want to reduce your environmental impact and improve the health of your body, then consider these organic products from Health Tree.

Biologika Skincare

There are now more organic and natural choices available than ever before in the products we consume. You can find organic toothpaste, organic hair conditioner, organic deodorant and much more. It’s a practically endless list.

Why Use Organic Items?

Organic products are a great alternative to the bulk of what is available today, and Biologika Skincare products set a gold standard for organic merchandise.

The Australian brand offers organic products like shampoo and conditioner that are made with completely natural ingredients. These products nourish and fortify your hair, cleansing it in ways that conventional products cannot.

Your Body Will Feel Spoiled

Be sure you buy organic products like Biological Skincare the next time you are shopping for health and beauty aids. Their deodorants, shampoo and body wash products will give your hair a natural and nutrient-rich look that is safe for you and the environment.

We sell the full range of Austrian Biologika Skincare products, and that includes a full line-up of shampoos with different scents and benefits, conditioners of all kinds, body washes, insect repellents, deodorants and more. These are popular products that customers are getting all sorts of benefits from, enjoying safer skincare results than what they get with competing products.

Uses Natural Ingredients Sourced from Australia

If you look at the packaging and product information for Biologika Skincare products, then you will see that they are made without the use of toxins and manmade chemicals. These are things that can harm your body and that are included in many types of skincare products. We are proud to say that we sell products that are natural and organic and safe for you.

Look at the Biologika Skincare products Citrus Rose Shampoo, for example. It is made with ingredients such as beta-glucan that work with your immune system and allow inflamed cells to feel relaxed and soothed. There are all sorts of benefits to using organic products like these, and you may even notice immediate results.

For the best in organic skin care products, try out the entire Biologika line we offer here at Health Tree. These are products that are made with coconut oil and aloe vera, and they benefit your body by infusing cells with natural oils, organic ingredients and herbal extracts. You’ll be getting quality products for your money that ensure your body is healthy and safe.

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